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What makes Us Unique?

1.We are the only school in Utah with the most hands on program due to our licensed dentists that help our students learn! 


Do we offer Coupons?

2.Most schools will offer coupons to get you to enroll. We offer no such coupon because we understand our value and our commitment to you! We will help you outside of class if you request any extra help. Even after graduation. Need a resume? We'll help too! Let us help you enroll in our amazing program! We teach you what you need to know to gain employment! It's that simple.


Do the dentists  run a dental practice and do the school as a side hobby?

3.There is a discounted clinic ONLY for the students. It is not for the dentist's practice to gain patients. We only see patients at the school if the students are going to assist the dentist.

It is a win for the community and a win for the students! 


How much do you charge for Exams?

4.Depending on the date around our student and dentists schedules, we offer free dental exams when our students are assisting the dentist.


About the school.

5. We have our own dedicated classroom and dedicated dental operatories, to better teach students.


Why Should I join your dental assisting program?

6.There is no better Program! We are the best school out there!

This is the reason students travel from Logan, Idaho, St. George and other states. We are dedicated to you! Day & Night!


Why you shouldn't pay for an Orthodontic Course or Office Management Course in addition to a dental assisting course.

7. Many offices want you to know the basics and often once you have the skills down of a dental assistant, we have learned, from our graduates, that offices will help mold and train and guide you to be the best you can at your dental office. While we teach you the basics, many of our students have been hired at specialty offices like Orthodontics, Oral Sugery, Pediatrics, and have even been cross trained on the job with offices needing help with insurance, billing and office management. 


If you're considering paying extra for extra courses, DON'T.

8.Don't pay those extra fees for school. All you need is the basic dental assisting program that serves you very well!! We give you enough basics here to get your foot in the door for other avenues and opportunities.


Do you accept Pre-Dental (Pre Dentist) and Pre-Dental Hygiene Students?

9.All the time! They are wonderful! And we encourage anyone looking to advance their career by taking this pathway before dental and dental hygiene school.

Will you forget about me when I graduate?

10.Never! We will remember you and you can reach out at anytime. Text us 24/7 If we're awake, we'll answer.



  • Compare tuition with other schools and with all the hands on training we do at our school, we are the most affordable school in the Valley based on what we do! We use the LEARN, SEE AND DO method. We are a basic training program but we train you to become a dental assistant and we provide you with knowledge and training of dental radiology, CPR training and a fast track to a new career in 11 or 15 weeks. We help you learn how to do digital charting with online software accessible to students on our campus. ​We also provide OSHA training. Tuition is $2,995.00 (With several payment options), we can discuss any payment plan tailored to fit your needs and timeframe. Meet with us today! Our payment plans are all 0% interest. You don't need a credit check. 


  • We are a school with ACTUAL HANDS ON on with LICENSED DENTISTS in an ACTUAL DENTAL OFFICE COMPLETELY DEDICATED TO UVDA, you will actually be able to see live patients and do dental work. Other schools have tried to copy our model and we are very flattered. However, we started our school with our dentist being involved not only on our curriculum, but also in the hands on aspect. We have not 1 but 3 dentists. 

  • We do a lot of hands on with each other (student to student) and often with live patients. We ASSIST (Not read about assisting) with a Dentist! We practice impressions and even other things we have learned, such as suctioning and tooth numbering.

  • Our curriculum is written by our very own lead Dental Assistant, Dental Hygienist (RDH) and Dentist (DDS) along with guidelines from several referenced and evidence based educational material and textbooks. ​​

  • Students who have completed other dental assisting courses, end up doing OURS because they did not receive the right training and we have re-trained them. ​​

  • We offer Classes during the day and at night in Orem, Utah & Ogden, Utah.


  • We use digital x-rays and digital sensors and digital dental software training. Our dental x-ray units are registered with the State of Utah and have approvals for radiation safety.

  • We offer excellent payment plans!! We can further discuss the details of a 0% interest loan option.

  • When you leave school you won't have 10k,  20k or 30k in student loan debt! Phew!


  • Location:

Orem, Utah 

South Ogden, UT

Cottonwood Heights, UT

  • ​​Who can enroll?


Anyone over 16 yrs. And we've had ALL AGES!! FROM 16 TO Any age and beyond!

Student admission and enrollment requirements, minimum is possession of:

16 yrs of age or older, or if you are in High School

We also accept General Education Development (GED) Certificate or

High School Diploma

as prescribed by Utah law. (See Rule 152-34-4(3) of the Utah Administrative Code.)

  • How much is Tuition?

Tuition is $2,995.00. No additional fees or hidden fees.

We offer pay as you go plans. Very reasonable price compared to other programs in the valley. Considering you get hands on experiences one on one with an actual licensed dentist. Comparing the prices you can't beat that!

We are flexible with payment plans. Tuition is excellent and you'll quickly see why everyone wants to come here.

  • What form of payments do you accept?

*3% fee for all credit card transactions

All you need to do is pay $150 to reserve your spot!! The $150 is not refundable, but it applies towards your tuition.

  • What is included in your dental assisting program?

Curriculum, instruction, homework, assignments and handouts.

Hands on Training.

Dental Supplies, lab and dental equipment use.

Utah Radiology Board Approved Exam and Training and Certificate.

Digital X Ray Training.

2 year CPR certification with AED training.

Utah Dental Assistant Certificate.

Dental Software and treatment planning training.

Actual hands on doing basic dental procedures with licensed dentist.

Small class sizes.

Excellent Staff, licensed and certified staff.

​Assistants, Director, Dental Hygienists and Licensed Dentists.

Assisting the Dentist with live patients.


  • What kind of experience will I gain with hands on training and how is this better?

Classroom instruction can help you understand and learn new concepts. But our approach is even better because it not only includes classroom training, but provides excellent clinical training with the use of modern dental equipment and simulations to help you master techniques. This will ensure you master skills in dental assisting and obtain experience necessary to gain employment.

  • How much will I earn as a dental assistant?


Typical starting wages are between $15-17/hr. A seasoned dental assistant can make around $20-22/hr.

Depending on where you live. Some of our students have earned between $15-$19 just starting. Often it depends on who you work for (location and specialty).

Even some very fresh and new graduates have landed jobs with companies asking for experienced students only. We will help with job placement!!!


We can't guarantee jobs, but we are 100% on board on helping you find a job. Just ask our past students. We do as much as we can and there are many jobs out there. We also have a Facebook job board too!

A lot of our past students have jobs, so we would be happy to refer you to any of them for questions.

  • Are any financing options available?

Finance option:

  • We provide in-house financing with 0% interest. Pay as you go plans**

  • Banks: Check with your local credit union for any financing options.

  • Care Credit: The use of care credit as a payment options is available by contacting

  • Our in house pay as you go plans are so flexible and easy. Better than any loan out there.

**financial agreement must be signed


  • Who will teach my classes?

A Utah dental assistant, licensed dental hygienist and licensed dentist. Depending on procedures.

All of our staff has combined experience of over 60+ years. 

There are many dental hygiene schools in the valley, so why not start with dental assisting?​

Tuition is lower and you will get a jump start in the dental field. 


  • How do I get started?

You will need to reserve your spot!

Text or Call us 801-784-8832


Fill out the online enrollment

and  we will get in touch with you

​*******Call us before you stop by so we can answer any questions********

We have students from Moroni, Ephraim, Kamas, Park City Utah, Heber, Logan, Layton, Brigham City, Richfield, Price, Nephi.


We have some international students and out of state students from Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Virginia, Arizona, Washington and Hawaii! 



​We do not offer any transfer credit or college credit. There are no dental assisting schools in SL County or UT county that are accredited, based on that we don't offer any financial aid yet.  For that reason, you cannot write off tuition as a tax credit. You can't write off tuition on your taxes, as we are a private school. 

We are a Post Secondary school registered with the State of Utah.

CALL or TEXT TODAY 801-784-8832

Recently We were featured on Voyage Utah Magazine. 

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